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What We Do

Tree trunk removal & stump grinding of any size tree stump. simple.

Our machinery is designed to grind your stump to nothing and they do it perfectly. We use two types of grinders depending on the location and size of your stump. If you’ve got a big or small problem stump, in a corner on a hill or out in the open, we’re equipped to handle it.

Fast & Affordable

We use only the best machinery, perfectly equipping us to remove any size stump quickly and efficiently. Our prices are the best in the region, as is our workmanship.

Safe and Insured

Our friendly personnel are trained in the safe operation of all of our machinery and put your safety first when operating in or around your property.

Any Size Stump

We operate the latest Red Roo stump grinding machinery, with multiple options at our disposal for tight spaces, inclines up to 25 degrees, with the ability to grind everything from large to small stumps.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We might make a mess of your stump, but we pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service, so we won’t leave you a pile of sawdust to clean up … we eat that stuff for breakfast.

Gold Coast Stump Grinders’ machinery

The Big One In Motion

This is our SP 5014 in slow mo action … it’s vicious, it’s powerful and it’s capable of removing even the most stubborn stump. The retractable tracks give us the ability to access narrow areas down to 1m wide. Stumps are reduced to dust down to 250mm below ground level and the remaining ground can be filled and replanted, paved or concreted as soon as we’re done. Tree trunk removal never looked so easy.

Our Special Little Fella

Our smaller machine is the SHP400 with serious tree stump grinding power and the agility to fit in some of the tightest spots you might have around the place. It’s no slouch when out and about, so if you’ve got a tight spot or a smaller tree stump that needs removing, this is the machine we’ll use for you. Again, we’ll grind your stump to 250mm below ground leaving the area ready to use again immediately.
Red Roo SHP400 Stump Grinder

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